Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Past times

As much fun as creating wood furniture and repairing older ones I have to say that when I designed wooden toys to sell was a very rewarding and challenging time in my careerer. I have had some interests in purchasing my wooden train from my Bob's Timber Toys line from the 1980's... Some designs were my favorite and some well lets just say they paid the bills... Now I will make, or recreate the ones that I felt had style and design to them... After many years of learning new tricks of the trade I will employ them into my New design... Also I am thinking about bringing back my custom name signs from solid wood stock which can be hung, sat, or attached to shelf, or even a coat rack. I will be using my hand made templates used back then to create a unique look to lettering... Also I can use script lettering to create writing on the wall... The more I think about this venture the more excited I get to start! So Hold on and come back often to see what's New from Bob's Timber Toys...

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  1. Awesome, I am the son of a wooden toymaker!
    Do you know how cool that sounds!